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rick moore
Aug 07, 2021
I'm good with the increase, especially if it keeps membership where it is now. a very high member count has its own issues. look at the Marion county range. really high membership, so much activity it limits actual range time, the people...…..🤡 I've been a member here for, hmm, cant remember. keep LCC great. however the 5hr work thing. I would like to be ABLE to, I cant. I used to live really close, it was easy then. now I'm 1.5hr drive away. my real issue is work. if I'm lucky in a year I can get to LCC 3 times. there was 2 years where I came in, paid the years fee, and couldn't come back till next year to pay it again. in the last 5yrs I've been 5-8hrs. used to be every week on mondays and tuesdays. oh well. things change. I really like the people @LCC and would do whatever because I like you guys, I simply cant at this point. I travel for work a lot. then paying $225 a year? I get it. but no. someone simply has $$ on their mind. now if you needed new benches or tables made, electrical, CCTV access control or something similar. I can do that. I property manage for a large company, I can help in other ways. I can fabricate on my timeline. @ a cost per hr I won't be doing that. its more a punishment than anything else. I could better put that $ into making a bench for the pistol range. I doubt I can make that Dec meet, try to put some flexibility in and not an inflexible fee per hr. some people wont have that extra $, some the time, some the ability to do. poll the members for what they CAN do. you might get some extras you didn't know was possible. $225 a yr that puts LCC on the list of not special places. and it is, a good place with good people.
rick moore

rick moore

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